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Boston Day and Evening Academy gratefully accepts support from individuals, foundations, corporations, partnering agencies, and state programs. We rely on donations so that we can continue to provide a relevant education and meaningful experiences for all our students.

Thanks to the many community members that partner with and support BDEA, our students receive an education that transcends activities that take place in the
classroom, and helps them to become involved, invested, and active citizens in the community.

This year, we are asking our community supporters to please consider donating to one of the three options – please indicate in the comments at time of payment which you’d like to donate to!

Moment of Need – Goal: $5000.00

To support BDEA students who are in need of essentials such as food, winter coats/hats/gloves, toiletries, and baby formula. The Moment of Need Fund is available to any BDEA student by referral, and has helped over 100 students make ends meet since its inception.

Scholarships – Goal: $10,000.00

Each year, BDEA awards 10+ scholarships to graduating students. These scholarships make an enormous difference for students who have embodied the spirit of BDEA, worked incredibly hard, and who are embarking upon a new life journey. *See below for a full list of scholarships*

General Fund – Goal: $100,000.00

BDEA believes that the key to serving our students well is to ensure that we have robust student support systems and low student:teacher ratios. All of our district dollars are allocated to those areas, which means that we must find other ways to support “extras” such the arts and career readiness programs. In making an unrestricted contribution, you allow us the flexibility to provide BDEA students with a well-rounded education.

Thank you for caring and for committing to equity in education. YOU are our heroes!

Scholarship options include:

  • Valedictorian: Calculated via highest GPA plus number of courses taken at BDEA
  • Juliette Johnson Rising Star Award: For artistic and academic excellence
  • Jessica King-Young Scholarship: For academic persistence, vision, curiosity, and courage
  • Beatriz McConnie Zapater Scholarship: For a student who embodies the BDEA Habits of Success
  • Student Support Transformation Award: For personal growth and transformation while a student at BDEA
  • Founders’ Award: For a hard-working BDEA student who has overcome tremendous odds.