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Moment of Need – Goal: $15,000.00

Over 75% of BDEA students come from low income households, and many of our families struggle with resource instability. The gap between applying for city and state aid and receiving it means that many students go without food, clothing, and other necessities – sometimes for weeks. Our Moment of Need Fund was founded over 10 years ago to address this gap and provide immediate relief to students experiencing financial difficulties. This has become all the more crucial during the COVID pandemic; since March 2020, BDEA staff have distributed thousands of dollars in groceries, clothing, diapers, formula, and other items to students and families who have lost their jobs and/or homes. Your contributions to the Moment of Need Fund will ensure that the BDEA community continues to have access to this critical resource.

Annual Fund 

BDEA provides a myriad of other services to students, from mental health counseling, to career readiness, to the arts. In the face of looming city budget cuts, we anticipate staffing reductions that will be enormously detrimental to our students. As an alternative school that serves students who are considered among the most marginalized in the city of Boston, we know that we cannot afford to compromise on our programs – it is our students who will pay the price. To that end, we ask you to consider donating to our Annual Fund, which support staffing and infrastructure.

Thank you for caring and for committing to equity in education. YOU are our heroes!

Boston Day and Evening Academy gratefully accepts support from individuals, foundations, corporations, partnering agencies, and state programs. We rely on donations so that we can continue to provide a relevant education and meaningful experiences for all our students.

Thanks to the many community members that partner with and support BDEA, our students receive an education that transcends activities that take place in the classroom, and helps them to become involved, invested, and active citizens in the community.

This year, we are asking our community supporters to please consider donating to one of the two options – please indicate in the comments at time of payment which you’d like to donate to!

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