The six Habits of Mind have been adopted from the Coalition of Essential Schools and incorporated into BDEA’s culture, creating a safe and nurturing, student-centered community which supports student learning. Habits of Mind are practiced in classrooms, in the hallways, on school grounds, and in our community, by students and staff alike.


I understand what I believe and the reason for those beliefs. I recognize that there are different ways of expressing myself.  I am able to effectively communicate my vision to others in different ways.


I am able to determine the difference between fact and opinion. I know where to find information and how to understand it.


I understand the presence of bias in various forms of communication. I recognize the effect of these biases and know how to discern truth.


I understand why things are as they are, and I am able to understand how seemingly separate parts of society, the world, and life affect each other.


I recognize that few things are inevitable.  I am able to understand and evaluate complex ideas and issues and understand that for any given situation there could be multiple outcomes.


I understand the importance of different events, issues, ideas, and systems in my own life. I am commited to using this awareness to make informed choices.

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