Teaching Assistants

//Teaching Assistants

Octavius Nunes, Teaching Assistant

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Octavius is a 2019 graduate of BDEA. During his time at BDEA, he played basketball for Fenway High School. After spending 2 semesters with his advisor Ms. Allman, he has moved over to BDEA 2.0 where he is currently teaching with Ms. Erickson. Octavius is also a student at RCC studying math. He aspires to [...]

Erin McIsaac, Teaching Assistant

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Erin started at BDEA in April 2018 and graduated in April 2020 as the class Valedictorian. During her time at BDEA, she fell in love with learning and found her purpose- to educate! Since graduating from BDEA, she is now a full-time student at UMass Boston, majoring in Psychology and teaches history and literary writing alongside [...]