Crystal Pepin, School Secretary and Operations Specialist

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Crystal joined the BDEA community in January 2020 and honorably took on the role of being the School Secretary and Operations Specialist. She has a passion for creativity, DIY projects, interior design, and event planning. Crystal also spends most of my time creating memories with close friends and family.

Nafisa Bilal, College Advisor

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Nafisa joined the BDEA family this year. She is part of the PGP team as a college advisor. Nafisa completed her bachelor's degree in marketing at Suffolk University in 2020. She worked at Bunker Hill community college as a testing protocol and administrative assistance. She enjoys volunteering in her community. Nafisa's love for traveling came [...]

Zachary Solis, 2.0 Pathway Coordinator

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Zachary Solis is the new Pathway Coordinator at BDEA 2.0. He was previously employed at UMass Boston as an Educational Outreach Counselor, where he worked in partnership with Jeremiah Burke and Madison Park High School, serving students in post-secondary planning. Zachary thoroughly enjoyed working with the high school students and having the ability to be versatile [...]

Valdir Lima – Senior Career Specialist, PIC

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Valdir Lima is a Senior Career Specialist and Program Coordinator at BDEA through our partnership with the Boston Private Industry Council. Valdir joined BDEA in 2021. Email Gabrielle:

Lauren Barry, Director of Institutional Advancement

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Lauren joined the BDEA team in 2019 as the Director of Institutional Advancement. She is passionate about eliminating barriers to education for Boston students, and has focused on supporting alternative pathways for students to achieve a high school diploma for much of her career. Prior to joining BDEA, Lauren worked as a high school history [...]

Camella Scott, Data and Accountability Analyst

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Cam joined BDEA in 2018. Previously, she served as the Innovation Systems Designer for Boston Public Schools, where she worked to improve processes that enable the spread of innovation throughout the district. Prior to that, she measured program impact for Metanoia Community Development Corporation. Cam is a former Education Pioneer Fellow, Bonner Leader alumna, and [...]

A. Erik Barajas, Data Analyst Associate

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Erik joined the BDEA team in 2020 as the Data and Accountability Associate. Prior to joining BDEA he worked for the study abroad office at Boston College. He holds a B.B.A in Marketing from St. Mary's University and a M.A. in International Relations from Texas State University. He enjoys baking, traveling, and learning about different cultures.Email Erik: [...]

Magdalene Moise, Admissions Manager, ext. 32155

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Magdalene Moise joined BDEA as the admissions manager in January 2019. Before joining BDEA, Magdalene was a professor of Sociology in South Florida for the past seven years. She has earned both a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in Sociology from Florida Atlantic University. She comes to BDEA with almost a decade in education [...]

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Margie Samp, Director, Post Graduate Planning ext. 32144

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Margie joined BDEA in 2000. Her work with BDEA students in Post-graduate planning includes visiting colleges, providing guidance and information on financial aid, the admissions process, and college applications, coordinating scholarships with colleges, and helping students with job placements, career counseling, and transition programs. Previously, she was the producing director for the New Math Theater [...]

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