Rawchayl Sahadeo, Lead Teacher

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Rawchayl Sahadeo joined BDEA as an Instructional Leader in the school year 2019-2020. Before coming to BDEA, her work at Fenway High School spanned over 18 years which made her an experienced educator in the roles as a Humanities teacher, district Humanities coach, and a school teacher leader with a multiple of duties. She proudly [...]

Benadette Manning, Math Teacher, Pilot

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Benadette is a math teacher at the BDEA/Pilot. She has been teaching for over a quarter of a century as an English teacher (Saint Ann's Catholic School Houston, TX), a Math teacher (Fenway High School, Timiltiy and Tech Boston Academy ), and a high school dean (Cambridge Rindge and Latin).  She received a bachelors degree [...]

Chanté Bonds, Math Teacher, Department Head

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Chanté graduated from Bentley University in 2005 with a Bachelor's degree in Information Design and Corporate Communication. In 2010 she received her Master's degree in Administrative Science from Fairleigh Dickinson University. After a short stint in the business world as an Operations Manager at Brown Brother's Harriman, Chanté changed careers and was an Assistant Women's Basketball Coach [...]

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Hannah Erickson, Science Teacher, Pilot

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Hannah began at BDEA in 2011 after completing the Boston Teacher Residency program.  She holds a B.A. in Chemistry from Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota and an M.Ed. from the University of Massachusetts, Boston.  She enjoys spending time outdoors with friends and family and her adorable dog Frankie Email Hannah: herickson@bostonpublicschools.org

Owen Thomas, Humanities Teacher

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Owen Thomas has taught critical history in Boston for the past 7 years. For the first 4 years, he worked at Diploma Plus, an alternative program housed with Charlestown High School. There, Owen helped to lead the history team and develop curriculum that broke down the artificial walls placed between the school and the community [...]

Akshata Kadagathur, Humanities Teacher

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This is Akshata's first year on the BDEA Humanities team, where she teaches Literature courses. Prior to joining BDEA, Akshata completed her teaching practicum with the Sheltered English Immersion team at Charlestown High School. Before working in instruction, Akshata's background was in education policy with the School-Community Partnerships Office and Data and Accountability Office at [...]

Andres Strohmeyer, Social Worker

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Andrés joined the BDEA Student Support Team in 2018 to help provide counseling to our amazing crew of students.  He has dedicated his career to providing support for young adults in his hometown of Boston. He attended Boston Public Schools, has a B.A. in English and Political Science from UMass Boston, and an MSW from [...]

Aaron Stone, Science Teacher

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Aaron Stone began his career teaching 8th grade biology at Community Charter School of Cambridge. At the same time, he honored his commitment to service by joining the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve. In 2009, Aaron joined Boston Day and Evening Academy. Aaron has been a Boston Teachers Union Representative, and a member of the school’s [...]

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