Tatiana L. Hollins joined BDEA in the fall of 2021 as a Community Field Coordinator. Ms.Hollins is BPS graduate who considers herself to be a very proud African American lesbian woman from Boston who lives to give back to her community using restorative practices. Before arriving at BDEA, she worked as a paraprofessional with the sub-separate population at another BPS high school. While working at the other high school she had the opportunity to work as a GSA advisor for four year. Ms.Hollins is a huge fan of athletics and had the pleasure of coaching track, cheerleading and volleyball during her four years at her previous school. Ms.Hollins graduated from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth with a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Anthropology while minoring in Urban Studies.

Email Ms. Hollins: thollins2@bostonpublicschools.org