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Asberry Lawton, Teaching Assistant

Asberry started at BDEA 2.0 in Sept 2019 and graduated in Dec 2021 as the recipient of the John D. O’Bryant Award. During his time at BDEA, he slowly realized the importance of education, so much so he wanted to become a teacher. After graduating from BDEA, he became a teacher’s assistant and in January 2021 will be attending Roxbury Community College. Mr. Jones and Asberry will be working together on an ancestry class investigating the histories of their students because a lot of students do not know their family histories and how they connect to a larger historical narrative. Mr. Jones and Asberry will also be teaching a class on the history of home-buying to inform students on how to acquire generational wealth. Some of Asberry’s hobbies and interests include learning new things, running, and his cat, Babson. Asberry hopes to teach in Boston Public Schools as a high school history teacher empowering students, especially disengaged and disenfranchised Black and Brown students.

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