Andrea McFarlane has been in the medical field for more than 20 years. Driven to be the type clinician on the front lines of caring, educating and responding to patients’ innermost needs, Ms. McFarlane secured her nursing degree from Curry College and has acquired her advanced certifications in Case Management, Ante and Postpartum care, and labor and delivery. Ms. McFarlane started her nursing career in general medical/surgical care and then became a travel nurse in NH and the DMV area. Additionally, she has worked as an infirmary nurse at Harvard University and various private high schools. Knowing the critical importance of representation in healthcare, she soon arrived at her true calling to serve as a maternity nurse and has since taught nursing students at various local colleges in the surrounding Boston area, while also running a postpartum clinic in a private practice with a team of OB GYN physicians in Chestnut Hill MA. Ms. McFarlane previously worked at Madison Park Technical High School as a nursing assistant/pre nursing instructor in the Allied Health Department. She was drawn to the nursing role at BDEA and feels fortunate to be working with a dynamic and supportive community who places the needs of its students first and foremost. BDEA is fortunate to have her caring, student-centered expertise during the school day when she is not working per-diem as a labor and delivery nurse at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center as an OB-GYN nurse, or serving as an expert witness in labor and delivery cases.

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