Program Description

Given the success some students experienced during the pandemic, BDEA reintroduced a flexible program in 2021 that provides a blended learning model as part of its programming. Students have access to in-person academic support, enrichment classes, and all wrap-around support BDEA offers such as, but not limited to: counseling services, health and wellness support, post-graduate planning, meals, and bus passes.

Curriculum & Structure

The program is run by one student support staff member and three teachers (math, science and humanities).  The curriculum focuses on relevant and engaging opportunities including asynchronous learning, independent work or project based experiences. Students have an opportunity to meet online and/or in person with their teachers for additional support and academic experiences including in the community. 


On Mondays and Wednesdays, students have a “flex” option to attend school through ZOOM classes and/or in-person classes. On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, all students are required to attend school in-person for academic support, post-graduate planning classes, and community meetings.

If you have previously experienced success during online learning (you attended your ZOOMs, participated and completed classes) or need a flexible learning environment as you move toward graduation, you are encouraged to apply. If you are a current student interested in joining the Blended Learning program, speak with your advisor about the application process. If you are a new student, please indicate your interest on your application or speak with Ms. Moise at Orientation.